whoever said that Alice wasn’t high, pissed and drugged up..


well bitchesssss..

she drinks her body weight in alcohol..

she took cocaine..

she takes magic mushrooms..

she took E and became drowsy as fuck..

she took LSD and started to hallucinate..

and she wondered why she saw a laughing, giggly cheshire cat..

and why she saw a smoking caterpillar (what it was smoking we dont know, probably weed or crack)

she saw a rabbit on speed..

why she wrestled a flamingo..

and why she started talking to weird animal things..


Okay, there are things here that don’t add up.

1) I really doubt the liquid in the vial was alcohol, because it made for the hallucinatory effects of shrinking, and did not make her act drunk.

2) MDMA doesn’t make you drowsy…quite the opposite, really.

3)The caterpillar was most likely smoking tobacco, probably not weed, and certainly not crack. Hookahs are primarily used with sheesha (a tobacco and molasses paste), but were also known to be used with weed and opium. Crack hasn’t existed before late 1984. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published in 1865, and this particular movie adaptation, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, was made in 1951—both of which were made long before the first appearance of crack cocaine.

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"The hunger gnaws."

"The hunger gnaws."

Day 03- Views on Drugs and Alcohol

Whale, I’d have to say that I am a fan. I love alcohol in its many forms (excluding gin), but I am slightly more discriminate with my drugs, because hey, they aren’t all good. Here is my

I Do/To Do List

1. Marijuana

2. Mushrooms

3. LSD

4. Molly (maaayybe)

5. Some opiates in pill form (very occasionally)


1. Meth

2. Heroin

3. Cocaine/Crack

4. Ecstacy

5. Bath Salts and any other fucked up man-made shit, especially the stimulants.

Ali G on drugs.